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Vijaya -

Posted 2010-10-17

Hello All,

Six months before, I had met with a minor accident. Though I did not have any injury that day, slowly I began to realize pain near my buttocks and day by day it got worse. I was not able to sit and work even for 15 min continuously. When I met one of the Orthopedics, it was diagnosed as "Coccydynia" and he only said that "This is not curable, the only thing you can do is avoid sitting and you can use a Ring Seat". I was really disappointed and started doing the same as mentioned by that doctor.

After this, I also had to go on a tour which was quite a long journey and this was the time it really got worse. It was then I started Surfing on net and then I came across few Personal Experiences posted by people and got to know about Dr. Rajveer Singh, who is a Physiotherapist at Sagar Hospitals, Tilaknagar in Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India).

When we contacted him, he immediately told me to get X-RAY Report of Lower back and buttock region. After Inspecting the X-Ray Dr. Rajveer explained us what has happened and he also assured us saying that the condition is not that much bad and it can be cured through Simple exercises.

Then I started with the Exercises Which Dr Rajveer taught me and he visited my home and carried out about 10 sessions (exercises and Ultrasound therapy). In the first 3-4 days of the sessions itself, I felt 30% relief and after 10 sessions, I felt 60 to 70 % relief and I can't express in words how glad I am to be relieved of this and this was only because of Dr Rajveer's constant guidance and treatment. I would like to thank him for the same.

Now he has asked me to continue with the same exercises for another 3-4 months so that there will be 100 % relief.

I will keep you updated with the improvement that I go through.

All the best,

Vijaya Lakshmi

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