My tailbone experience with Dr. Rajveer Singh

Anshuman -

Posted 2011-01-09

First of all I would like to give you millions of thanks for starting this wonderful one-stop site/forum where tailbone suffering patients come and get benefited.

Well, starting up with my story I was hurt in my tailbone while driving bike some 1.5 years back. I was working in Mysore that time. I visited almost all top hospitals/doctors/physios/orthos but after teaching normal back pain exercises they advised me not to ponder much about the problem as "there is no remedy and cure for tail bone problem" - they concluded. I was highly disappointed after wandering so much. I was unable to focus on my work due to that.

Coincidentally I found this website one fine day and came across some specialists in this field. But I had given up my hope big time that I couldn't believe there could be some cure of tail bone problems. But finally with a ray of hope I called up "Dr. Rajveer Singh", a physiotherapist in Sagar hospital Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India), and fixed an appointment that very day. Dr. Rajveer is highly qualified in the field of coccydynia and very young full of energy and enthusiasm to give proper treatment to patients, which was completely against my hope and expectation, as I had very bitter experience with the medical magnet like Apollo.

The main advantage to get treatment from Dr. Rajveer is that he gives personal attention to patients and gives home visit as well. This shows his enthusiasm. Same day he taught me some exercises and gave one ultra sound treatment. He started coming to my house daily. Around 10-12 days of treatment and exercise I could find that I had recovered some 50-60%. After that I had to discontinue the treatment and exercise due to some family reason but still I could feel the difference. I discontinued the treatment and exercises for around 20 days and after that again I started doing them.

Today I feel that 70-80% recovery I have made. I want to thank Dr. Rajveer from the core of my heart. He is such a wonderful person, doctor and mentor.

I would like to advice the tailbone suffering patients that now there is no need to worry. Just meet him once and things are sorted out.

I will keep on updating my status.



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