Bent tailbone after fall

Anup -

Posted 2011-05-29

My wife (25) skidded on ice and hurt her tailbone terribly in January 2011. She went completely blank when she fell on her back but was able to walk in 5 mins. She was experiencing some pain while sitting and we ignored it thinking that it will reduce in few days.

Two weeks later, we visited an orthopedist and took x-ray of her coccyx. The report confirmed that there was 90% bend in the last portion of tailbone. The doctor said that manipulation could have been done immediately after the fall, but two weeks after the fall it becomes difficult. We regretted for not seeing the doctor earlier and then decided to continue with the bent tailbone.

We consulted couple of more orthopedists and the response was same There is no well known cure for coccydynia. 2 months later, we came across this very good website which provides excellent information for tailbone related issues. Through this website, we found that Dr Rajveer Singh at Sagar Hospital, Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India) has many success stories with the patients he treated in the past. Immediately, I called him up and fixed an appointment.

He is physiotherapist by profession and a very nice human being as well. On the very first day he explained that cocydynia is completely curable but we need to sincerely follow the exercise that he teaches for few weeks.

He taught her some back exercises which help in strengthening the muscles around the tailbone. He also carried out some ultrasound treatment which helped in reducing the pain. Upon returning from hospital, we visited a restaurant and my wife was able to sit for an hour on hard surface without any pain, which was not possible earlier! Probably this was outcome of ultrasound treatment.

He also suggested us to buy coccyx cushion which is very rare to find in the market. We tried it and found that this cushion is really helpful when you are sitting for long hours.

We continued with the exercise twice in a day for next 1 month. Intermittently, the doctor visited our home every 2-3 days to ensure that she does exercise in correct way. I would like to thank him for giving such a personal attention to his patients.

Today, 1 month after starting the exercise, the pain is more than 60% reduced and my wife feels completely relieved. Some times she doesn't feel any pain at all for days. Now we don't feel any need for any manipulation or another x-ray of current position of tailbone. Thanks to Dr Rajveer Singh! We are still continuing with the exercise and surely the pain would be completely gone in coming months. Will post an update after 3 months.

We also had another concern whether there will be any complications during pregnancy due to bent tailbone. All the doctors that we visited have said that there should not be any problems at all as far as pregnancy or delivery of the baby is concerned. However, the intensity of pain (if it still persists at that time) will be slightly more. I would really appreciate if some one here who has similar personal experience or expertise can share their experience/advice on this.

Will definitely share the good news when we plan for pregnancy and have a baby :-)



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