Injury to tail bone while skating

Mari Gowda -

Posted 2011-07-31

I am Mari Gowda from Bangalore, had a injury to my tail bone while skating (2 months back). I consulted a ortho surgeon, who took an xray, where in there was hardly anything visible. He suggested me to avoid two wheelers and give rest to my butt (sitting part) for 2-3 weeks. I did the same, after 3 weeks the pain subsided, however during my long hours of sitting the pain gradually increased. I knew if I leave it the pain would gradually come back, at this time I searched on the internet about the Tail bone specialist in Blore, where I found the name Dr.Rajveer singh (Physiotherapist-Sagar Hospital-Jayanagar) (see Doctors and specialists in India).

After discussing my problem with him, he suggested few exercises on regular basis (which am doing for past 2 weeks) and am feeling much better now, Compared to my pain 2 months back (the relief now is almost 80% less).

I want to wholeheartedly thank Dr Rajveer Singh for all his guidance and support, was able to diagnose the tail bone problem within short period of time. He actually made me understand the real problem and the reason it persists life long if not treated.

I would highly recommend Dr Rajveer singh's name for any kind of tail bone problem (anyone suffering from tail bone, the best and easiest solution is call Dr Rajveer now, am sure you will also have it diagnosed asap like me.)

Mari Basavana Gowda

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