Coccyx injury, my surgery, depression, now happy

R. Senthilkumar -

Posted 2011-01-16

Dear tailbone sufferers,

Thanks to Jon for this site who can really understand the real pain of tailbone sufferers. Please pardon me if my English is tough for you.

I am Senthilkumar from India (28, male). This is my story about coccyx injury and surgery. On Nov. 2008 I fell backwards heavily on the staircase. I never felt such intense pain which took my breath away for few minutes. I am OK after 5 minutes, I led a normal life, there was no pain at all. In April 2009 I had slight discomfort while sitting, sometimes instant stabbing pain on my tailbone area. The main problem which I felt was, whenever I ride my bike (two wheeler in India) over speed breakers (in India you can find lot of speed breakers and roads with pits). Since I am a marketing employee I have to ride at least 60 to 70 kms per day.

For this problem I met the doctor named Prof. Mohandas, orthopaedic surgeon, Miot hospitals Chennai, he is the one who runs the hospitals. After taking the ct scan, the report came as "posterior subluxation of coccyx". He told me that I had a slight dislocation of coccyx. The 3rd and 4th bone of coccyx turns inwards. Note this scan has been taken only in sleeping position, I think if I have taken in sitting position there will be more deviation in my bone.

Without going for second opinion I accepted the Dr's advice on removing my coccyx without knowing what is coccyx and its functions at that time. I had my coccyx removal surgery on 20th of June 2009 my coccyx was removed partially where my 3rd and 4th segment bone was removed.

I was able to walk, 4 hours after the surgery, 15 days after suture removed. Dr said not to sit for 2 months. I did surgery in a hurry and without doing any research (my mistake). 3 months after the surgery I ride bike for 10-15 minutes. I gone to movie with moderate discomfort. I got in to depression thinking about my surgery, sending mails to Jon Miles asking doubts and I have got reply from him for all of my mails.

Now its exactly 1.5 years after my surgery. I can ride my bike up to 30 minutes continuously with slight discomfort. Riding cars (recently driven around 350 miles in my car in a single day) no problem at all. I can sit in a chair, movie as long as I can. I smoke a lot that's why in my opinion the recovery took so long. Please give up smoking after surgery to get a speedy recovery.

My surgery was done by Dr. Ramprasad (orthopaedic surgeon, see Doctors and specialists in India) under the guidance of Dr. Mohandas. So far I am happy, I am looking for 100% recovery in few years of time. my surgery cost is also cheap compared to others who are mentioned in this site. I have spent 1000$ in total including my surgery, hospitals stay, mri & ct scan.

R. Senthilkumar,



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