Coccyx displacement and recovery

Drravi -

Posted 2012-12-09

I am a doctor (ophthalmologist) cum businessman. Last August I was in Chennai, India, went on business and I was working out in the gym there and suddenly I slipped and I fell on my buttocks straight and suddenly I could feel I was not able to get up - as I was having a shooting pain in my sacrum region. I immediately went to Chennai Apollo and got my MRI done, they told I had anterior dislocation of the coccyx tail bone and they advised me some analgesics and complete bed rest for 1 week, even after 1 week I didn't find any improvement and then travelled back to Bangalore my home.

I started doing search on the net and then I came across Dr Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India), I immediately called him and I introduced myself as doctor and told my problem. Immediately he gave me a appointment next day and he started me on physio and ultrasound, within 1 week I had a stunning recovery and he advised me a special pillow to use on daily basis for sitting and within 2 months I had complete recovery and I am back to my regular activities and specially my gym.

I am really thankful for the special care he had taken for me and the way he gave me confidence.



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