Surgical resection coccyx

Mariya -

Posted 2012-11-11


My name is Mariya. 10 years ago, I had a collision with a large woman while I was ice-skating, who fell on me and on my tailbone. My tailbone was almost 80 degrees bent inwards and there was a disc protrusion L5-S1. For ten years I have suffered a lot of pain and the pain was getting worse and worse each year. I have tested several treatments, twice a manual correction through the anus and physiotherapy but nothing helped and my pain continued. I only found information last year about removing the tailbone from this site. Otherwise, I would have considered surgery before. On September 18th, 2012 I had a surgery by Dr. Geert Mahieu in the hospital AZ Monica Deurne in Belgium (see Doctors and specialists in Belgium) to remove my tailbone (surgical resection coccyx). I had to stay three days in the hospital, my wound was stitched and covered with a bandage. I had to lay on my back as much as possible to keep enough pressure on the wound. I couldn't leave the bed and had to lie all the time. When I had to pee, I had to lie on my belly and put a bedpan under my tummy so the urine wouldn't touch the bandage (very important).

On September 21st the patch was replaced and I could leave the hospital. The doctor said that my wound after three day already looked good. The new patch had to stay for 10 days. After surgery, the food had to be adjusted so that the bowel movement would be soft. I also have to stay in my bed, and I could walk a little bit. But I couldn't sit for a month and a half. On 1 October, my patch was removed along with my stitches. The wound was already dry and healed. Since that day I could take a shower. Now I sleep much better and if I lie, I have much less pain in my legs. Now it is one month and a half after the surgery and I still have a little bit pain deep inside. I still use a chair with a hole to sit, as before.

Each day is less painful because the tailbone is finally gone. I am very grateful to Dr. Geert Mahieu.


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