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Melissa, Canada -

Posted 2012-02-19

Here's what I've tried:

Only some of the anti-inflammatory medication provided some relief, otherwise the rest I tried were minimal to no help at all. No signs of fracture is showing in the MRIs, but they only did MRIs of me laying down.

Any help you share I'd appreciate,


Update, 2012-03-11

I'd like to add a chiropractor (Dr Eleanor White, see Doctors and specialists in Canada, Ontario) to the list on the website. I have only seen her once, but her knowledge base about coccydynia is tremendous, and her initial assessment was very good. To my surprise, she is also the President of the Chiropractors Association of Canada, and has been practicing for 28 years, and told me she's treated successfully many patients throughout the years who've had coccydynia.

Update, 2014-03-02

Hello everyone.

The update I have to share is not only bitter sweet, but also completely shocking. I am glad to say this didn't happen to you though. However, after 3 years, I now have a resolution to my coccydynia.

I found out the tailbone pain was caused by a Tumor.... From my brain.....

Tailbone pain started in Jan 2011. Without a diagnosis aside from coccydynia, I was shocked 9 months later to have emergency surgery to remove a BRAIN TUMOR, where at 28 I learned how to walk again.( I didn't include this in my last update, as doctors were SURE my tailbone pain was not related.) It was not until DEC 2013 when consistent abnormalities showed up in MRIs, and after a biopsy, it was concluded the pain in my lower back was a piece of the brain tumour I had broke off and travelled down my spinal chord!!!!! I am 1 of 8 cases in the world this has happened to. So please, don't think this could be you too- it's very rare. I am right now on the 5th of the 6th week of radiation to blast this thing, hoping to be pain free in weeks time.

Aside from learning how to walk again, I have written a book about these past couple of years with my health drama and road to recovery- it will be released next month. (

What I want to tell you is don't give up the fight! I know with the pain comes major depression and hopelessness- but don't give up to find your answer or relief to your pain! You are not alone.

Also, thank you to this website and the man who manages it- you do great things.


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