Exercises from Dr. Singh


Posted 2012-09-23

I am a 25 year old engineering student from Chennai, India. Nearly a year ago I started feeling pain in my coccyx region. Pain become even severe when I sit for longer amount of time at one place. I met various doctors, but all in vain. Usually doctors suggested me few medication followed by a physiotherapist who told me to do various exercises in-order to make ligaments in coccyx region stronger. But most of time, they are not able to fully explain how to exactly do those exercise and what areas to focus on. After 11 month for continuous pain, I found about Dr. Rajveer Singh (PT), Bangalore (India) from coccyx.org and took an appointment to meet him (see Doctors and specialists in India). Dr. Singh is explained me in detail the cause of pain and what are possible problems. Some blood tests and X ray is also conducted. X ray was normal but deficiency of Vitamin D is was found in my body.

Dr. Singh is very friendly and energetic person, and he took great interest to deal with patient's problems. He suggested me to take 10 days therapy but due to my college I was only able to make it for 4 days. Now I am doing recommended exercises for last 10 days and I am already started feeling better. I feel much lesser pain and can comfortably sit for longer hours.

I am planning to meet him next month and will keep you updated with result.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Singh.

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