My experience with Dr. Mubashira

Rasheeda -

Posted 2012-09-28

My name is Rasheeda. I am 40 years old working as a teacher in Bangalore, India. I fell down in the bathroom in Nov. 2011 and damaged my tail bone. I am a teacher therefore sometimes I have to sit for long time. Immediately after injury I went to a nearby ortho doctor, who took an x-ray of my tail bone and said there is just muscle sprain and gave me some pain tablets, but it was of no use. After few days again I went to same doc. then he gave me an air cushion, which gave me little relief for tail bone but increased my back pain. Ultimately I decided to change my doc, but all of them did more or less same thing.

Ultimately one of my friends said about Dr. Mubashira (PT, only for lady patients, see Doctors and specialists in India), who took a lot of interest to treat me first of all, and finally explained me about my condition. She made me to go for dynamic tail bone x-ray which none of the docs asked me to do before, x-ray revealed that I had subluxed my tail bone anteriorly and due to that my buttocks muscles had gone for tightness.

Ten days of regular treatment consisting of exercises and pain management gave me more than 70% relief, Dr. Mubashira has given me set of exercises to improve my muscle strength around tail bone area and lower back area and have instructed me to continue at least for six months for good recovery, in fact I enjoy as I feel more fit now.

I highly appreciate her talent and knowledge about tail bone pain. The good part is that she has been trained under Dr.Rajveer Singh (PT) (specialist in India) who is a great specialist in the same field.

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