75-80% all right after manual treatment

Abdul Samad - samadhussain@hotmail.com

Posted 2012-07-15

Hello dear friends,

I am Abdul Samad, live in Dubai, originally from India.

First of all, thanks very much to everyone who contributes to this website. When my tailbone started giving me trouble I was absolutely terrified, and the sad part is that there is very little information about this problem around.

As usual I visited to orthopedist, GP, and other specialists, and got same answer------ like, try to live with this, there is no cure for this, use doughnut pillow (which gives more pain to back even), you don't have actual pain, pain is there only in your mind and so on..

My job profile is that I sit for long hours for meetings, to travel etc.. and I noticed this pain approximately two and a half years ago. Last year November it got aggravated, this made me panic and nothing seems to be working out.

At last as usual I too took help of google, and got the website address of www.coccyx.org and searched .

Once again million thanks to JON MILES for such a wonderful creation, & secondarily to DR.RAJVEER SINGH (PT) (see Doctors and specialists in India) for treating me successfully, most amazing thing which made me happy that when he caught my problem and said me about the root cause of my pain--- subluxed or angulated coccyx which made buttocks muscles sorer and taut. He told me to go for dynamic tail bone x-ray and some other tests.

Treatment went on for two weeks, and then at the end of the two weeks I was approximately 75-80% all right. Now after being regular with his exercise and regular precaution am blessed. God bless him and I thank him for tolerating me and regulating my lifestyle back on normal track.

I highly recommend people not just consult him if unfortunately you are suffering, but also let your family members and friends know, because you are going to help a person who is suffering from this condition and help to erase his/her pain.

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