Internal manipulations for coccyx pain

Anonymous -

Posted 2013-03-10

I am 30 years old male software engineer living in Bangalore. I am suffering from Coccyx pain for more than a year.

Initially I took treatment from one of the famous ortho doctors in Bangalore. I took 10 days of external manipulation. It was not much useful. Then I took Pelvic MRI. MRI came out as normal.

After suffering for 7 months, I found out this website and found Dr.Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India). First day, he asked me take coccyx dynamic x-ray. It showed slight posterior subluxation. Leave the treatment part, I am wondering why most of the doctors and famous surgeons in Bangalore did not even know about this x-ray, I came to know about dynamic x-ray from

In Jan 2013, I took treatment from Dr.Rajveer for 13 days with nearly 8 internal manipulations. He is genuinely interested in your recovery. Also he is very accommodative of your needs. For example, my house is far off from the clinic and to avoid getting in Bangalore traffic I asked him if he could treat me at 8 AM. He agreed for that even though his centre usually opens at 9 AM. Jan is usually the coldest month in Bangalore. He is energetic and the exercise regimen is hard in the initial days. He will push you to do those exercises. He is different from other PTs in this area. Most of the PTs I know, will simply leave you, if you are not able to perform.

Even though I am not 100% back to normal life, I would say the intensity of the pain reduced a lot and I will update back about the long term results of doing the exercises.

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