Experience with Dr. Mubashira

Allah Bakash - latestblr@gmail.com

Posted 2013-01-27

My wife fell down steps one month ago and damaged her tail bone which hurt her a lot. Initially we went to our GP, with no relief. Then we learned about Dr. Mubashira through a newspaper called Daily Salar on Sunday edition and checked the website www.coccyx.org (see Doctors and specialists in India), which says that she is specialist for tail bone patients (only for lady patients).

Presently after a week of treatment she is much better (approx 70%), and as per protocol in another week she should improve still.

Thanks to Salar news paper and to Jon for creating such a wonderful website for such patients. Thanks to Dr. Mubashira for taking care of my wife with full care, and enthusiasm.

Allah Bakash

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