New hope to my life from Dr. Mubashira

K. Chandrakala, India -

Posted 2013-12-29

Hi Everyone,

My name is K. Chandrakala, I am 37 years old, and a teacher by profession. I was also one of you, i.e. Coccydynia patient (Tail Bone Pain). I was suffering with this disease for the past 5 months. I took treatment in Bidar and Hyderabad but no improvement was there in my health.

Later I came to know about Dr. Mubashira - (see Doctors and specialists in India) by internet. I took treatment for 1 week, my pain is reduced to 60 -70%. Treatment is very good. I thank madam from the bottom of my heart for giving me new life. A big thanks to for creating such a wonderful website.

K. Chandrakala

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