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Nikhil Tripathi - nikhil.ntripathi@gmail.com

Posted 2013

I've been suffering from tailbone pain for the past year. The first two weeks since it started (somewhat mysteriously, since no particular incident appears to have caused it), the pain was excruciating. I had extreme discomfort sitting, standing or even lying down. A shooting pain would occur when I got up from a seat. The driver's chair was my worst fear.

Then, with the help of some regulation flexibility exercises and painkillers, the situation improved. Yoga sanas described on this website by some other people helped me further improve the situation. However, the improvement appeared to have hit a plateau for about four months.

Then, a relative recommended Vardan which is a center providing Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) in New Delhi, India. Over the past three months, I've been treated by therapists Adam Lindsey and Sakshi Arora (see Doctors and specialists in India). External and internal mobilization procedures of my coccyx and sacrum areas have been carried out. Further, subtle changes to my posture have also been recommended, which I am in the process of effecting.

There has been considerable improvement in my situation. While the problem has not been resolved completely, the pain has now been reduced to the range of minor discomfort. I've driven for two-three hours and just felt a little sore at the end of it, which is an immense improvement from fearing even a fifteen minute drive.

I would recommend the therapy to any coccyx pain sufferer who has been frustrated by the inability (and even unwillingness) of mainstream medicine to help them out. It should be emphasized here that the therapy is not a miracle cure, but the painstaking and practised application of sound techniques based on a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the human body. Hence, there is work involved, and it will take time and considerable effort on both the part of the therapists as well as the patient.

Good luck to you with your problem!

Nikhil Tripathi

Noida, India

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