Tail bone pain specialist in India

Sai Murali

Posted 2013

My name is Sai Murali, I am 39 years old, businessman from Bangalore. I got Tail bone pain (Coccydynia), in the month of august 2012. As usual I went to several doctors most of them gave me pain killers with no hope for permanent cure. Pain and burning sensation around the anus area and inside the anal area started increasing with time, this made me more stressful as my profession demands long hours of sitting. As, Usually we avoid sharing these conditions with family members and friends, this made my condition more worsen.

Fortunately one day one of my friend come relative, who was a patient of Dr.Rajveer Singh (PT) (see Doctors and specialists in India) said me about treatment of his condition and relief he got, his story of consultation and treatment by Dr.Rajveer Singh gave me a sigh of relief.

Next day I took Dr's appointment and gave him detail of my condition, before anything else I would like to say few things about Dr.Rajveer Singh is that His approach to find real cause (Diagnosis), Explanation of condition to the patient is very appreciating, he made me to understand the correlation between symptoms and condition.

After the diagnostic procedures from next day he started my treatment, and in two weeks of treatment I could drive 900 km with minimal pain which I was not able to do even 10 km everyday to my office. No doubt I took full precaution what he said to me. I am fortunate that I live in Bangalore, and feel pity for those who come from different parts of India, and outside India as they don't have easy access to stay in Bangalore.

Presently I am 85- 90% better and continuing to follow his advice. I appreciate his service and wish Dr.Rajveer Singh, good health and good luck.

Thanks to my friend Vinod and God for saving me.

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