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Sayash -

Posted 2013-12-22

I am Sayash 24 years old from Bangalore, India. From last 7 months, I started to develop some pain while sitting. The pain got worse over time. I consulted Senior orthopedic surgeon near my locality, They gave me medicines which reduce pain some what. But after that pain again started.

Then I studied on net deeply and came to know about Dr. Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India). I was very impressed with my first visit as he explained why I am in SO MUCH PAIN, even though my x-rays was "normal" in other doctors eyes. He really sided with me and believed me about my pain. He was genuinely concerned for me. It really gave me a boost.

He suggested me to take 8 days therapy, but after 2 therapies itself my pain reduced to almost 60%. After 5 therapies he did manipulation. Now I can sit for long hours without any pain.

I with great assurance strongly recommend Dr.Rajveer for consultation on coccyx pain and related injuries. I will keep posted of my improvements.

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