I am at the end of my rope

Anonymous, USA

Posted 2014-06-30

I have been suffering with coccydinia for over 5 years. I am unclear as to how it happened. Perhaps horseback riding. But no specific occurrence happened that caused the immediate onset of the pain. It started dull and has built up to a 9-10.

I have had several orthopedic surgeons, spinal specialists, x rays, CT scans and 5 injections over the last two years. The very first injection was done by my ortho in his office. And it relieved the pain for 6 months. The last 5 provided less relief that lasted for shorter durations each time.

I am at the end of my rope. I have now seen a colorectal surgeon doctor cologne, at USC. And he had referred me to another pain specialist for a possible caudal block. I don't know if I will go ahead. As I have had so many injections already and want to do this naturally, if possible.

The only person who has been treating me that is doing wonders, is Eileen Johnson, of USC Physical Therapy (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, California). She is a pelvic floor therapist and is the only person who seems to know what is going on with me and knowledgeable on this condition. She has treated several people.

I am in treatment with her for two months now and although the pain still very high, I am hopeful with time we can reduce it. As she has had several patients worse off then me, improve. Go see Eileen. It's worth a shot. To try and fix the pain. I believe in her.. Will keep u posted on my treatment

Fingers crossed

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