Pain totally disappeared

Elizabeth, India

Posted 2014-07-10

One can only know the coccyx pain when they suffer and cannot be explained or felt by anyone. Dr. Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer take the patients suffering on to them and treat as if they are undergoing. I am sure that this is the secret of their wisdom and continued success.

I am Elizabeth, Age 35 years female, Bangalore - India, I have suddenly developed unbearable pain at the coccyx area from there which spreads to the right side and I was unable to understand why this pain occurred and tried all the bone supplements, pain killers, Pain relief gels, hot pack, etc. But there was no improvement at all.

One fine day when I was searching on the internet I initially thought it was something to do with my back bone, but never knew about coccyx, then I searched for pain in the lower back/buttock then the search took me to the site and and I got all the details I required, Thank GOD that I got into this site, else I would have mislead to back bone treatment and spent lots of money with no cause.

Then I searched for the doctor/specialist in India, again thankfully I have got the treatment where I stayed (Bangalore). I immediately called Dr. Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India), I felt happy through the pain as I could see a lady doctor as you understand the explanation could be at ease. I was there in an hour and I got introduced to Dr. Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer who are more than doctors now, They took time and explained in such a way, where in I started feeling soothing of my pain during their clarity on what would have caused this with clear pictures and I said to myself that I was definitely in safe hands and in right place at right time. What an immense talents GOD has blessed with Dr. Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer.

Immediately we just did as doctors per suggestion x-ray followed by MRI and Vitamin-B blood tests, Then when we received the reports we got to know that the tail bone got fractured and would have happened anytime during the course of child birth, fallen on back, not following seating ergonomics or extensive travel. Then started the treatment with "Human Touch" and with the latest equipment and technology, I am extremely pleased how Dr. Mubashira's knowledge of treating the patient with manipulations and exercises and the regular follow ups. I am a very happy person now with the pain totally disappeared and back to normal.

I would definitely say that both the doctors are a great blessing to the coccyx patients community, May GOD bless them with health, wisdom and long life to serve the people. I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer.

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