Cured after three years of pain

Frank, USA -

Posted 2014-08-10

I just wanted to pass along a possible remedy for this incessant, life-draining pain of coccyxdynia. I incurred it from a chiropractor who basically kneed me in the tailbone during an "adjustment" for some mild muscular back pain. Subsequently, over three years I had seen multiple physical therapists, a couple pain specialists, two neurologists, and one spine specialist at a university hospital. I received several deep cortisone and pain medication injections in my sacrum. None of these treatments helped.

Finally, I came across Dr. Neil Speigel, MD an osteopath of Rockville (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Maryland) who understood the nature and source of the pain and with a few "bending" sessions, exterminated the pain almost completely. With the stretching exercises he gave me, which were completely different than given by the physical therapists, I have resumed my no-pain status. I will also say though that I also received a simultaneous topical pain medication that was accentuated by electrical stimulation. It was much more effective than the deep injections to the sacrum. I have been pain free for over two years.

Good luck to everyone dealing with this relentless curse.

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