Dr. Singh and Dr. Mubashira

Monica, India - mon.pal@gmail.com

Posted 2013-03-23

I never heard of Coccydynia until I encountered this problem a month ago. It just happened while riding bicycle I could feel immense pain and after that it became really difficult for me to sit. I first visited an orthopaedic at Apollo clinic, who prescribed few pain killers which were of no help to me. Three days later while doing internet search I read about Dr. Singh and Dr. Mubashira practising in Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists in India). I immediately left a note for an appointment and met them. I was really tensed as first was not able to figure out the cause and cure of my problem. However, after meeting them I felt as if all my worries were taken away.

Dr. Singh and Dr. Mubashira first explained Coccydynia and with the help of dynamic sit and stand x- ray figured out that exercises can cure my problem. Dr. Mubashira treated me and taught few exercises. Doing them regularly has helped relax my muscles around the coccyx area. I feel better now, however the exercises needs to be continued for next 4-6 months and need to use the coccyx cushion.

One thing that I would like to mention is that after meeting them once, it was never like meeting doctors, they make you feel very comfortable. Both of them are extremely encouraging and helpful. Young, bright and enthusiastic team. Thank you so much Dr. Mubashira and Dr. Singh.



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