Tail bone treatment

SindrilPriya Dass, India - Sindril.Priya@shell.com

Posted 2014-06-08

Hi All,

I am SindrilPriya Dass, I would like to share the experience which I have had before the treatment and after the treatment.

I had nightmare for 7 months with the pain. It so happened I met with an accident with my husband in a two wheeler. He had ligament tear and took treatment. I did not have any pain after the accident. After a week the pain started all of a sudden with no clue on the reason of the pain.

I had hard time to get up immediately. Had discomfort to sit. Was unable to travel for long distance. I was completely in to depression and could not concentrate on my work and personal life as well.

Thank fully Dr. Mir Zafer referred Dr Rajveer and Dr. Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India) and I was on right hands. I got treated under Dr. Mubhashir for 10 days with the manipulation treatment and exercises my pain is reduced a lot. Hopefully I will get rid of the pain completely as per the Doctors assurance by another couple of months.

It's my immense pleasure to thank Dr. Mir Zafer for referring and Dr. Rajveer and Dr.Mubashira for treating me with coccyx pain highly appreciated. Wishing you to continue the same service to all the patients.

Thanks and Regards.

SindrilPriya Dass.

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