Touch wood found a good doctor

Suman, India -

Posted 2014-01-05

Firstly thanks to Jon for creating such a wonderful search engine for tail bone sufferers. In the year 2009 August, I fell while playing table tennis and landed on my bumps, at that time I felt little pain and for the same took an ordinary pain killer which helped to a extent and then I left it like that. After a month, in the month of September 2009 it started paining like someone is poking a knife. I went to an ortho who took X-ray of my lower back and sent me back with some painkillers and a ring cushion, this mistake (using a normal ring cushion) literally increased my back pain along with tail bone pain as I was feeling very much imbalanced.

This process went on and on, showed to other specialist in the locality and then city, but all gave temporary relief. Unfortunately still we don't believe on internet and its content thinking it might be fake. But as I had no choice so I started searching on net then in 2013 Nov. end I got Dr. Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India) on, this search gave me a sigh of relief but again as I said didn't believe too much until I met her.

After meeting and talking to her I thought that there is someone who listens to patients and believes what we (patients) say, as I had some docs who did not even listen to the full story. After her diagnostics procedure (MRI, Dynamic Tail Bone X-ray etc.) she started treatment next day. Treatment went on for 10 days, with a significant improvement day by day. After 10 days as per advice I continued her instruction and followed it sincerely. At the end of 10 days I had approx- 70% relief which gradually increased to 90- 95 % by the end of two months.

One more thing I would like to suggest everyone that proper diagnosis and instructions are very important to follow.

I sincerely would like to thank Jon, and at last but not the least. Dr. Mubashira, and wish her Good Luck.

Thanks for reading.


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