97% better

Anne, UK

Posted 2015-11-16

I developed coccyx pain after two 6 hour trips in the car within 5 days. I thought it may disappear by itself, but after three months, I was exhausted by the pain when sitting and especial getting up from sitting.

After 2 months I saw my GP and she recommended Voltarol creme and a donut cushion. Nothing worked.

Then I started researching the internet and I found your website.

I chose the osteopath Darren Chandler from your website (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) who moved my coccyx back into place and my pain was gone. But, unfortunately, the pain came back after 3 days. I saw Mr Chandler again and he said I should give it more time and the symptoms would disappear. They did not.

I searched your website again and found that somebody else had tried Mr Chandler first and then had great success with the Sayer Clinic. Now even more exhausted by pain and the disappointment that treatment did not seem to work with me I contact Dr Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

I got a one hour appointment on the same day! Michael took digital x-rays of my spine, explained in such a positive, compelling and knowledgeable way every single problem there was with my coccyx and some other vertebrae and discussed the kind of regular treatment with which my problem can be improved. I saw him and his also very experienced colleague, the physiotherapist Sofia, since September every week and my problem is gone by, let's say 97%. I say 97% as, although I do not have pain anymore, I still feel that I have to be careful where I sit and for how long. I slouched for too many years of my life!

Michael's treatments and his determination to make me understand that I have to sit in a more ergonomic way, that I have to do more exercise (I walk almost every day for an hour or more, I do exercises to build up all muscles involved to protect the coccyx) and Sofia's combined treatment of pressure point massage and physiotherapy make/made this huge difference not only to my coccyx problem but also to my general wellbeing as I feel overall so much more energetic.

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