Relief for coccyx pain

Kirsten, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Posted 2015-03-22

I fell when I was 17-18 and broke my tailbone and have had severe pain ever since. I tried acupuncture, yoga, donut pillows, chiropractors, exercise, no exercise, pain pills.... Seemed like I tried Everything.

Then I had a baby when I was 32 - which made my tailbone in constant excruciating pain. I am a professional seamstress so I sit a was absolutely unbearable.

My left foot became numb and cold for two years. I was beginning to wonder if maybe I should have surgery and have my tailbone removed?? Was this such a thing? I hate being cold and I hate the way cold toes feel when they touch each other. I wore six socks on my left foot and I began to wonder if I could just have my left foot amputated.

Swimming and running seemed to help - for a few moments. All I could think about was how much my tailbone hurt. It consumed me. It was taking over my life. Nothing was fun anymore.

Here in Phoenix the Laser Institute for Spine Care was advertising on the radio for candidates to call in to see if they qualified to try out their new procedures for back pain. I called. According to them - I had too much pain and didn't qualify for free treatments.

I drive a stick shift and driving became kinda scary. I became depressed and miserable. I felt like I complained all the time. Honestly - what was the point of living if I was in such pain?

Then last year - almost 18 years later from breaking my tailbone- I began to look on Google for anything to "fix" this awful pain in my....butt. I stumbled upon an article about external and internal manipulation of the tailbone (an article by Marc Heller on

At this point I was willing to try anything. So I laid on my side and was able to cup the tip of my buried tailbone. The first time I pulled on it- I heard two really loud cracks -- and a streak of pain for a few seconds.... Then slowly- my left foot began to warm up. My tailbone stopped throbbing. I remember sitting on my bathroom floor and crying. Sobbing. For joy! Finally!

I started manipulating my tailbone two to four times a day- excited for that crack! I could feel the muscles around the bone relax. I felt sore for a few weeks but the severe pain was gone! My feet were warm and normal! I began to smile! I wasn't constantly thinking about pain. I actually looked forward to cupping my tailbone.

It has been a year now since I started manipulating my tailbone. The best year of my life! I started to ride my bike again with my daughter. We went to a skating rink and I wasn't afraid to fall.

My life is back. I'm not being controlled by pain. Now I cup my tailbone only when I start to feel discomfort. I feel free! I wish I had known this technique 18 years ago.

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