Treatment by Dr. Mubashira

Lakshmi, India -

Posted 2015-03-07

I am Lakshmi from Koppal, in Karnataka. I have been suffering from coccyx pain for one and a half years, I got this pain because I was studying for long hours sitting on an iron cot. Now I am 24 years old, my tail bone pain gradually worsened and I was not able to sit even for 5 minutes. Earlier I went to many orthopaedists but nobody said that it is coccydynia.

Very lately, I came to know that it is a tail bone pain, i.e coccydynia. I was given many pain killers but nothing gave me relief, at last while searching through the internet I came to know about two tailbone experts Dr. Syda Mubashira and Dr. Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India). Immediately I took an appointment with Dr. Mubashira (treats lady patients). At first she asked me to take tail bone x-ray and I came to know that it was bent to a large extent and my vitamin B and vitamin D levels in blood report are very low.

She started treatment on the first day itself. After the first day I found that some 30% of pain got decreased, she gave me five days treatment by doing manipulation, daily exercise. At the final day I found 60% of relief in tail bone pain. The best part is the treatment is painless and both of the doctors are very friendly and I was prescribed a set of exercises to practice for the next 6 months for complete relief. Now I am able to sit comfortably and study. I offer my sincere thanks to both the doctors.

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