Don't fear tail bone pain, because Dr. Rajveer Singh is perfect for this treatment.

Naresh From Andhra, India -

Posted 2015-02-22

I suffered from sacrum coccyx pain since 2013 February, and I went to so many doctors in Chennai and Nellore itself, but no use. They have taken MRI and some X-rays also and they gave some tablets also, but it didn't work. Up to June 2014 it happened and I was very depressed. I don't know what I have to do and I am so angry at that time I cried some times.

Finally I decided to search the Internet. I have read more then 50 testimonials of Dr. Rajveer Singh's treatment (see Doctors and specialists in India). Then I got some confidence and I am so happy at that time. On that day I have taken appointment.

I went to Bangalore on July 5th and I met great Dr. Rajveer Singh, then I have taken MRI, X-Ray and blood test too....then he diagnosed the problem.

I have taken 10 days treatment for 1st time then I got 60 to 70% relief. Again I went to hospital after 2 months and I have taken 2 days treatment. He said do exercises and what ever I said up to March 2015 you will be 100% fine.

But due to the health problems I didn't do morning exercises in Dec. and Jan and I have done only 15 days exercises in December and January, because of that reason only 70% is recovered.

Now I am doing what he said, walking and exercises twice a day. I will do this up to may then sure I will get 100 % relief.

So friends really you are having sacrum coccyx or tailbone pain. Then just meet Dr. Rajveer Singh in Bangalore. Dr. Rajveer Singh is perfect for tailbone treatment all over India. Thank you Dr.Rajveer Singh.

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