Exercises to improve the muscle strength around my tailbone

Neha, India - neha.smt@gmail.com

Posted 2015-03-08

I am Neha 23 years old from Delhi, India. About 8 months ago, I started feeling some kind of pain in my tailbone. But I ignored it as I was not aware of any such thing like coccydynia. After some time the pain increased to a level where I could not even sit for two minutes. Then only I realised it was a serious problem. I rushed to the doctor and he gave me some painkillers and said that there is no cure to coccydynia. He suggested me to avoid sitting on hard surfaces and asked me to rest. But it did not help at all. The pain was getting worse day by day and I was really sad and depressed.

One day while surfing on net I came across this site tailbonetreatment.com. The site suggested that Dr. Rajveer Singh and Dr. Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India) were to visit Delhi for tailbone consultation. I decided to call Dr. Mubashira immediately. I called her and explained my condition. she asked me to go for a dynamic tailbone x-ray. The x-ray revealed that my tailbone was slightly bent. She advised me 6 days of regular exercises, manipulation and ultrasound therapy. Exercises were to be continued for 6 months to ensure 100% recovery.

To my surprise only after two days of treatment I got 40% of relief. I was able to sit and stand without any difficulty. I was then relieved as well as happy because now I knew that my tailbone was going to be cured.

6 days of continuous treatment gave me 65% relief. Dr. Mubashira has taught me a set of exercises to improve the muscle strength around my tailbone area and also for my lower back, upper back and shoulders. I am not only going to continue these exercises for 6 months instead I am going to continue these forever.

I would really like to thank her a million ton. She is not only a great doctor but also a great human being. I highly appreciate her and admire her. She is really an inspiration.

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