My experience of coccyx pain

Sandy, UK

Posted 2015-05-10

I developed coccyx and subsequently severe sacral pain 5 months ago. I was admitted to hospital and given painkillers. I was then referred to a gastric specialist and underwent a Pudendal Block followed by a Rectopexy operation as it was thought my coccyx pain was the result of an internal rectal prolapse. Neither cured my pain which was now much worse. I couldn't work and was on stronger pain relief and antidepressants. I then had steroid injections into my coccyx and a causal epidural into my sacrum. I had no relief from either in fact the pain was getting worse.

In desperation I searched the internet for anyone who might be able to help. I found Michael Durtnall at The Sayer Clinic in Kensington (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I've had two sessions with him and my coccyx pain has much improved. I think it will be an up and down recovery but I'm so happy I found him. The hospital specialists had more or less told me I'd just have to live with it and frankly I'm not sure I could!

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