Huge pain relief from tailbone

Vinayak, India -

Posted 2015-08-09

I am glad to recommend Doctor Rajveer Singh for his treatment (see Doctors and specialists in India). I initially had tail bone pain but could not figure out it as tailbone problem until I visited the doctor. I had consulted a doctor before but it didn't help me and when I consulted Dr. Rajveer, he just made my life easier.

I am a bike rider and ride 40 km everyday and just think how terrible my pain would be of and I cannot avoid it as I do not have better travelling mode other than bike. I tried his treatment and eventually succeeded. Guys, post treatment one might feel pain for some days, as it was for me, but ultimately it will give big relief. I personally thank my doctor for his great help.

PS: Please follow his advice without fail and you will definitely see a difference.

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