Fell down the stairs and dislocated my coccyx

Agnieszka, UK - agnieszkazimoch@gmail.com

Posted 2016-05-15

It has been 15 months since I fell down the stairs and dislocated my coccyx. I am 90% better now thanks to Dr Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London).

Looking back now I wish I went to see him earlier. In fact at the start I desperately googled for help and found his clinic but cancelled the initial appointment as someone warned me from having a chiropractor treatment in general.

After seeing 12 different specialists in UK and a couple more in Poland I started getting depressed as no-one was able to help or even give any kind of indication on how to treat this. Things were getting worse day by day. It got to the point that I was regularly getting spasms all over my body and whenever I tried sitting at work I was about to faint. That's on top of the constant severe pains I had: pain around coccyx, whole pelvic floor, SI joint, sacrum, lower back, thoracic, neck.

In the end me being a workaholic had to take a month off from work and stop all type of travelling and social gatherings for more than a year. After work I would often just lie down and pray or meditate as the pain did not allow me to do anything else.

The treatment at Sayer Clinics is something I always look forward to. Dr Durtnall is most experienced, knowledgeable and down to earth person. He would look at my body as a whole, mobilise my coccyx, and align the whole spine. My posture has improved as well now which is the best investment for a healthy spine going forward.

Alongside doctor Michael Durtnall I have also been seeing Karolina Krzaczek and Sofia Ornellas Pinto (also at the Sayer Clinic). Their physiotherapy treatment is almost as important as chiropractic sessions. They truly have healing hands and gave me lots of tips and exercises to help me get through this.

I think it's worth mentioning I did lots of acupuncture and Chinese cupping as well. Other things that were helping were: loads of walking, some Pilates and stretching, hot baths in Elemis muscle soak, hot showers during lunch at work to get me through the day, height adjustable desk, hot water bottle, massages, running a journal to record every tiny progress.

I am convinced I would have lost my job and possibly a house if had not found Dr Michael Durtnall and I will always be grateful to him.

Coccyx pain is one of those things that others find difficult to understand unless they went through this but hang on in there as there is a solution. I found it here on coccyx.org. THANK YOU!

I am happy to answers any questions you might have, email: agnieszkazimoch@gmail.com

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