Coccyx operation

An, Belgium -

Posted 2016-09-04

My story begins at the end of December 2015 when I fell from my horse. I went to the hospital, they took pictures and send me home with pain medication. The months following my accident, the pain in my bottom became more and more heavy. I could not sit normally on a chair. Only with a special pillow I could sit for a while and had to stand up again. Even laying down in my bed was becoming very painful.

I went back to the hospital to a specialist and had to take a CT scan, there they saw that my coccyx was broken. The specialist told me that he couldn't do anything, but he knew another specialist who did.

This specialist was Dr Geert Mahieu from Belgium from AZ Monica Hospital (see Doctors and specialists in Belgium). When I went to him he told me that the only thing that would take the pain away, was an operation of the coccyx. He explained to me that he would take away the whole coccyx, so it was an coccygectomy. He explained also the way how he would do it. Everything was very well explained.

After a few weeks of waiting to be operated, I went to the hospital. The operation took about an hour. I had to stay for +\- 4 days in the hospital. The most important thing after the operation, is that you have to stay for 2 to 3 days, laying down on your back in your bed. The reason why is that the operation of the coccyx and the cut is very near your butt. So to let heal the cut of +\- 12 cm properly, you need to listen very well to the specialist, so that you won't get any infection on the wound.

After 3 days I could walk around a bit. The first 5 weeks, you can't and may not sit down on your bottom. So the only thing that you can do is laying down and walking around. The only pain that I have felt after the operation, was the pain of the cut (the wound) and the sewing of the wound. After the thread was removed from the wound the pain was away.

The only thing that I'm feeling now is from time to time a pressure inside my bottom. The specialist told me that this pressure would go away after a while, but I have to be patient. It can take several months for this pressure to go away.

I'm very happy to have found Dr Mahieu, because with the pain I had before, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't do any sport, take my bicycle, etc...

The operation was in May and After 2 months I could get back to work. After 4 months, I could sit back on the saddle of my bicycle. Because of the pressure I'm still feeling from time to time, I'm still waiting to get back on the saddle of my horse. But I'll hope that within a few months this will be OK as well.

So for those who have doubts and you have a lot of pain, go to a good specialist to find out if an operation answer for your problem.

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