Brenda's Manual Manipulation - IT WORKS

Ann -

Posted 2016-01-31

Oh I want to cry right now!!! I have had constant tailbone pain since the birth of my son 12 years ago. Twelve long excruciatingly painful years. I have gone through chiropractors, physical therapies, neurologists, MRI's, Xrays, etc - I've even had doctors tell me it was all in my head - that's always my favorite.

Last year I found some relief from ganglion block injections. Not permanent but some relief.

These past few weeks have been the worst where I finally understand why and how someone would think suicide would be an answer. I WOULD NEVER DO THIS but I understand the feeling of giving up and wanting the pain to stop.

Until I read Brenda's post about the manual manipulation. I was at work and figured I had nothing to lose. My tailbone pain has been particularly raw lately and I thought I couldn't make it any worse.

I was right.

I made it better!!!! Immediately after Brenda's treatment I had halved the pain!! HALF THE PAIN WITH ONE TREATMENT!!

I can't even imagine how much more improvement I can make if I continue down this path.


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