Manipulation made the pain worse

Kishore, India -

Posted 2016-07-17

I am suffering with this pain from 1.5 year. Without any cause, during a bus journey the pain got started. Initially it was very mild and dull. I have been examined with x-ray, MRI, CT scan and found mild posterior subluxation of last two segments of coccyx bone.

Based on reviews here, I took treatment from Dr. Rajveer PT (see Doctors and specialists in India). He did six days treatment, charging 30000. Due to his manipulations my pain went to 10/10 level, and from then I can't sit even 2 min. The exercises said by him also not making me better. He made my life much worse.

Don't blindly go for manipulation. Internal manipulation should be done with anaesthesia by a good orthopedic doctor. He charged very high for those exercises which were similar to yoga.

Note from Jon Miles: It is very unfortunate that manipulation made Kishore's pain worse. Most patients of all manual therapists report that the treatment reduced their pain, some find it has little or no effect, and an increase in the pain level appears quite rare.

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