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Mrs. Kulkarni, India -

Posted 2016-11-13

Hello All,

I am Mrs. Kulkarni from Delhi, I was too a patient of Coccidynia since June 2014. I had an injury post fall from step. At first I went to a spinal injury center but they sent me with pain killers and did not take X-rays. After three days my pain kept on increasing then went AIMS (ORTHO department). I got an X-ray done and came to know that there is a hairline fracture and little deviated bone.

The doctors gave me ring cushion and again some pain med. This type of visit kept on and I was not really happy with treatment method and moreover no one was taking my pain seriously.

Finally one day my husband found website. Fortunately it had a female Doctor as well (see Dr. Mubashira, Doctors and specialists India). I got some hope. We travelled to Bangalore after telephonic consultation. I would say in medical line I had an amazing experience after meeting her. At least someone took my condition seriously. I had a week of treatment as per her advice. I will say that I have started living life again after long time. A very good relief and got full confidence that it would go completely. I can say post one month of treatment I am 75-80% better.

Good luck to Doc and her team.

Great job.

Thanks Jon Miles for creating such a wonderful platform for a horrifying condition.

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