Displaced tailbone

Miriam, The Netherlands

Posted 2016-01-03

At the end of April, our daughter (12 years old) had an unfortunate fall on her tailbone. After this she entered the medical circuit (Family doctor, MRI scanner, child physician, rehabilitation specialist and significant amount of medicines). Pictures taken during the MRI scan didn't show any sign of a fracture or a torn tailbone. After 5 months of intensive medication, chronic pain and the inability to walk properly, we visited Meine Veldman (see Doctors and specialists in the Netherlands) for a second-opinion. After observing the MRI scan Meine discovered that the tailbone had been displaced, tilted and turned. Meine immediately repositioned her tailbone and pelvis. Having done so, Meine explained what the source of pain was, which originated from her bones. He then advised us to visit a pelvic therapist. One week later the pain halved.

Unfortunately 3 weeks later the pain returned. As a result, our daughter started treatment with pelvis therapist Sabine Veldkamp-Hˇhner. She was able to clearly explain how the pain came into existence and how this could be treated. In the meantime Sabine took care of the relaxation of the muscles surrounding her sacrum (which had been tense for over 5 months), furthermore, she repositioned her pelvis.

At the beginning of November our daughter once again visited Meine and he once more corrected the position of the sacrum and pelvis. Our daughter continued with the treatment from Sabine and this resulted into the fact that our daughter is now able (7 weeks after the 2nd correction) to cycle, run and jump. She will start exercising and doing sports soon. She has now been pain free for 2 week and we hope that she's back to her old self in February. Meine and Sabine: we are very grateful for what you've done for our daughter. Therefore we highly recommend both therapists because of their expertness and involvement!

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