Found a physical therapist who does manual treatment for in the coccyx

Natalia, USA -

Posted 2016-06-26

I'm 33 years old and the doctors think childbirth was the cause of my coccyx to get out of alignment. I delivered my baby 2 1/2 year ago and my pain started 18 months ago. I have had it for a year and half it was bearable at the beginning and I got two shots of cortisone in Maryland, they help but it always came back.

I moved to Florida and the drive from Maryland to Florida made the pain unbearable. I started going to many doctors, family practitioner first, then orthopedic doctor, spine specialist, pain management doctors, and got cortisone shots and nerve blockers.

After nothing worked and after spending at least 2000 $ in test and drugs I was sent to another doctor to get epidural shot, my insurance didn't approve the shot but I was fortunate enough that Doctor point something in my X-ray. He said he thought my coccyx looked out of alignment. Something that 5 other doctors miss.

He told me he knew of a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor issues and does manual treatment for in the coccyx. Her name is Dr. Sherri M. Lorraine (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Florida)

and her manual treatment have help me a lot with my pain. I'm not a 100% yet but I'm at least 75% better, and I'm still going for therapy every other week. I hope this information can help some else.

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