Michael Durtnall

Riccardo, Italy - riccardoinfinito1978@gmail.com

Posted 2016-02-07

I had pelvic pain for about six years. I tried many therapies in Italy and abroad.

I notice that unfortunately for these pelvic problems there are not many skilled therapists, usually the traditional doctors not understand how to give diagnosis and especially find one effective cure.

In my experience I can say that the most skilled who gave to me important improvements has been Dr. Michael Durtnall from Sayer Clinic in London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Dr. Durtnall is extremely prepared, serious honest and friendly. I think he's giving a big contribution to help all those people who suffer from pelvic and coccygeal problems.

(Special thanks also to the super therapist Olga Moreno for the remedial therapy after the chiropractic treatment)


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