Coccyx removal

Sallie, UK -

Posted 2016-07-17

Hi my name is Sallie, I'm 51 from Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK. I had my coccyx removed last Thursday, 7th July.

I have suffered with coccyx pain for a year, having had 2 injections and still no relief. My consultant (Mr Ahmed, see Doctors and specialists in the UK, West Midlands) decided to remove it. I was terrified, but want everyone to know that in less than a week of the operation I only have the discomfort from the operation which is just a very small fraction of the pain I had before. To all who have coccyx pain there is light at the end of the tunnel, so good luck to all.

I will update you on my progress. I start physio in 2 weeks.

Kind regards Sallie

Update, 2016-07-24

Hi it's Sallie I'm on week 2.

Saw my consultant yesterday, he was very pleased all going well. Still got a few stitches left but they will dissolve on their own. I have no pain only discomfort from my operation. Still can't sit but can walk, bend and lie free of pain.

I feel fantastic. Start physio next week and see my consultant in 8 weeks. I only take paracetomol (acetaminophen) at night. Had my first shower lol in 2 weeks it was fab.

Keep you informed, regards Sallie.

Update, 2016-08-14

Hi, on week 6. Had physio last week, have my exercises to do each day. I'm doing a lot more, been away in our motorhome to Monmouth. Had fab weekend, it was great to get away and most of all to walk around pain free.

Still can only sit for a few minutes at a time but keep on trying. My stitches have all gone and scar getting less tender. Improvement every day.

Regards Sallie

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