Side effects of steroid injection on tailbone

Shwetank Chaturvedi, India -

Posted 2016-10-09

I am Shwetank Chaturvedi from Lucknow, India. I was 17 years old when I fell on 8-07-2013 in water park then I have a little pain on my buttocks but that time I was in mood of enjoyment. So I don't feel anymore pain. Next morning is perfectly good for me. After this incident on 18-10-2013 first time I had a full back pain at that time. I didn't recognize the trigger point of my pain. For a month my pains up and down.

On the 21-11-2013 morning I was not able to stand properly, on this day I was totally in bed such a horrible morning of my life. At that time I used some home remedies after 6 hours my pain is 1% less, then I gone to doctors clinic. He examined me and he gave me almost 10 medicine and 3 infections without knowing my proper problems. This is main problems in Lucknow's doctor. Those medicine and injection never decrease my pain even increase pain on my legs and buttocks.

In the night of 10-12-2013 I had horrible full back pain and so much on my tailbone region. I decided to changed my doctor. on the next morning I gone to (SGPGI hospital Lucknow) with my father. I am on wheel chair because of so much pain and I felt so much weakness. They referred my case to neurology and pain clinic. Neuro department gave me medicine and pain clinic doctor's decided to gave me acupuncture therapy for 7 days because at that time no one the reason of my pain and even don't the Trigger point. After 7 days I felt so relaxed almost my pain decrease 30% but still I had pain on my lower mid portion that was tailbone region. they decided to gave me Steroid injection at my tailbone region. That was a really worst decision by doctors.

On 13-01-2014 they gave me steroid injection but they don't tell me any precautions and any exercises. I even don't know about steroid because I am not related to medical field. 2days after steroid injection I can't sit on any surface even not for a 10 seconds. My pain increased 10 times more before the injection. At that time I understand I had coccyxdynia. Doctors said that we have done your work your body not responding.

After that I gone to doctors almost 15 doctors, all are same, they all gave me so much medicine. Some of them said to my dad that I was suffering some mental illness even they suggested some psychiatrist. I was totally sad because nothing shows in my any report, no one diagnosed my problems and I am facing 247 pain in my back and in tailbone region. I didn't even walk, stand, sit and I was dropped by my engineering college.. such a depressing time.

On 31-12-2014 I was totally depressed I starting searching coccyx Doctors, then the miracle happens. I found website then I found Dr. Rajveer Singh (India's only tailbone specialist) (see Doctors and specialists in India). I called him, he gave me appointment of 21-01-2015 and said to take all previous report's and one latest dynamic x-ray of tailbone. I was afraid because at this time I was not able to stand for a minute and how I will go to Delhi, then Dr. Rajveer Singh motivated me. Finally the day come I met him, he was examined me and listened my previous back pain journey and then we find that just before anus some bleeding is going. He asked what's this? I said I don't know but suddenly I remembered at that place on 13-01-2014 doctor gave me steroid injection. then doctor suggests me one more MRI for knowing what the main problem. In MRI showed I had infection because of steroid. I was totally shocked. then Dr. Rajveer Singh suggests me to do an operation for it. Then he will do treatment for tailbone.

My operation was done 09-02-2015. I have low immune system, so I took almost 8 months to heal. I came to Dr. Rajveer Singh in last dynamic x-ray showed that my tailbone was bent also. Dr. Rajveer Singh performed manipulations to provide movement to the stiff tailbone and told me many exercises to strengthen the specific muscles around tailbone. He also ordered some test and found that I was deficient in vitamin D. The treatment is very focused and his professional and expert guidance helps. After starting the medication and regular exercises my pain decreased. I am able to manage daily tasks more efficiently now.

I will be eternally grateful to my surgeon and most important to Dr. Rajveer Singh (god to me) for giving me back my life and I am so thankful to manipulation therapy its 100% effective for me.

Now I am 21 years old energetic boy. I really hope it can help others with this painful injury and depressive time. I want to say everyone please don't take steroid injections for tailbone.

If any suggestion just contact me 00918052016633. I will be happy to help anyone.

Tissue infected by steroid injection, and wound after surgery



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