Crazy as it sounds, I cannot wait for surgery

Michelle, UK -

Posted 2017-03-05

My name is Michelle I'm 23 and I live in the north west of the UK. I have previously put on the site my personal experience. I explained how my doctors could not diagnose me and tried to tell me my pain was all in my head. I emailed a consultant called Ian Shackleford who works privately and at Warrington hospital. I insisted to my doctors I wanted to see him. After a year of suffering and crying to numerous doctors I was referred. My coccyx is detached and on an angle.

In 2015 I saw a consultant at Warrington hospital Dr Guru and in October 2015 I underwent treatment. I had internal manipulation and a steroid injection. I never heard from the surgeon after the op so never knew how it had gone. I had around two months of slight pain but nothing close to what I had previously experienced.

January 2016 the pain began again!!! I rang the hospital and they had informed me my surgeon had left and was waiting for someone to replace him. I rang the hospital numerous times but just got told I had to wait until a new consultant came to the hospital. In this time I have been on so many pain killers it's unreal. In July 2016 I saw a physio at the hospital who said it had broken again and she would put me back on the waiting list.

October 2016 I saw my new surgeon and he explained I had to have to same procedure again. So at the end of october 2016 I had to procedure done again. Straight after my op my surgeon came to speak to me and explained my coccyx is very mobile and not attached to anything. He struggled to put the coccyx back in place. He explained how he feels as though the cartilage and muscles have deteriorated therefore there is nothing to hold it in place. I really appreciated this.

Again three months passed and I'm in absolute agony!!! I have been back to see my surgeon on the 6th January 2017 and he is willing to remove my coccyx and as crazy as this sounds I cannot wait.

The pain has been immense and ruined my life! I can't cope with it any longer. Please to all those worried about the pain they are experiencing make sure you get the right treatment!!

Any questions on my procedures are very welcome!

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