Coccyx story and professional recommendation

Susanna -

Posted 2017-07-02

I have recently started seeing a chiropractor in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He is amazing and I feel the need to share, especially since you don't have anyone in the area. I've travelled from Toronto to Hamilton and so far these are the only two who have helped me!

The Chiropractor is named Dr. Horowitz. (see Doctors and specialists in the Canada, Ontario). This is the page on his site that he talks about it:

I have seen chiropractors in the past, but getting any relief in the tailbone area took months, and rarely reached this point of relief. And they'd always get me on those really expensive plans that chiropractors always seem to sell. I'm not saying they're not valuable, but the two I went to didn't really meet their promises of relief.

He mobilizes the tailbone manually, from within. The entire treatment takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes. - If someone really doesn't want an internal treatment he will modify it, but he does say recovery will take considerably longer.

He's friendly and personable and always has another woman (a staff member) in the room for our comfort. She's awesome too!

I've seen him 8-10 times and my pain seems to have decreased by 30%-50%, sometimes more! I have fallen multiple times over my life (and have never received proper treatment) so this is going to be a slightly longer road for me. I'm at a point where other muscles seem to be affecting me more than the tailbone sometimes. I guess it's a part of the recovery process?

My niece is seeing him because she recently fell and she is 80% better now. I am so happy I learned about him right at this time. I couldn't bare knowing my niece would suffer what I have for all these years! When she came home from school last week my sister asked how she felt and she was so happy, because she forgot about her tailbone pain all day!!!

If you have any questions, please message me. I'll be happy to answer them.


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